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The purpose of God's Precious Jewel's Mentoring Ministry is to empower women to fulfill their greatest potential in God through Godly character. To bring to fruition the vision and dreams that God has given each jewel, through the power of knowledge, networking, and guidance. Join today by first making your contribution & then filling out the provided form.

Jewel - $110
Gem - $110 (ages 15-21)
(fees are annual)


  • Gold - Preachers, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophetesses
  • Pearls - Authors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
  • Diamonds - Psalmists
  • Rubies - Ministry of Helps, Armourbearers, Hospitality, Directors, Administrators
  • Gems- 15 to 21, Young Ladies




  • Classes & Instructions for 2014 - 2015
  • Purified for Purpose
  • Demonstrating Character & Not Acting Like A Character
  • Determining Your Destiny Destination
  • Knowing What God Has Called You To Do
  • Taking Care of Business: I know you are anointed to preach but did you pay your bills
  • Winning With Wisdom: God told me to say this; oh did He really?
  • Living By Example Not By Excuses: Practice what you believe
  • God Has A Plan . . . Do You?
  • Dressed To Kill: Walking in complete authority against strongholds
  • Exercising Common Sense, Not Giving Your Two Cents
  • Walk By Faith Not Foolishnes




  • Personal Contact With Founder (as needed)
  • Monthly Online Training & Teaching
  • Vision Visits
  • Destiny Demonstrations (1 per year)
  • Destiny Visions Panel
  • Presentation National Networking
  • Booklets & Training Material
  • Special Conference Seating
  • Special Luncheon
  • Purified for Purpose.
  • Demonstrating Character not acting like a character.
  • Determining your Destiny Destination.
  • Knowing what God has called you to do.
  • Taking Care of Business: I know you are anointed to preach but did you pay your bills.
  • Winning with Wisdom: God told me to say this, Oh did He really?
  • Living by Example not by Excuses: Practice what you believe.
  • God has a plan... do you?
  • Dressed to Kill: walking in complete authority against strongholds.
  • Exercising Common Sense not giving your two cents.
  • Walk by Faith Not Foolishness.

























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